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Greg Schaefer

Greg Schaefer is St. Louis Southside born and bred.  He’s a family and community-oriented guy and he’s excited to be helping further the art community here in his own backyard.  He began his career here in St. Louis in 2007 and has since been working alongside some of the area’s best artists which has helped him hone his skills in numerous styles. He’s just as happy packing in color as he is shading in those blacks and grays.  He’s as technically proficient as he is friendly and is committed to excelling in his craft.  He loves creating art for his clients, and wants them to enjoy the experience along with him.   Got an idea for a Star Wars sleeve?  Greg is your nerd.  Do you want a horror inspired piece?  His brain is filled with the macabre.  Traditional?  All day long.  Fantasy?  With enthusiasm!  You dream it up, he’ll happily help make it great for you.

Greg Schaefer


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 11-8.

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