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Dan Buie

Tattoo Artist

Buie is a Tennessee transplant and general connoisseur of almost all things nerdy. Anime, comics, and science fiction are all passions of his, though he is versed in various different tattoo styles and is always open to a wide array of client design ideas.

Buie’s work is generally full of bold lines and bright colors, with a lot of work in traditional Japanese, pen and ink, and fun mashups of monsters and pop culture.

Outside of work, Buie enjoys woodworking, tinkering on bikes, exploring the outdoors, and hanging out at home with his partner Pami and their pack of fluffy dogs. Indoors, he also likes to spend free time studying up on traditional manga and Japanese works. He is a big fan of cartoons and comics and it shows in his work.

Buie is always happy to mix it up and create fun and interesting combinations in his work, be it nerdy or natural, anime or anatomical, and welcomes challenges and trust given to him by his clients. Send him a DM on Instagram or email him for scheduling.


Contact Buie via email at fromarttoashes@gmail.com for his availability.