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Welcome to Cousin Paul's

Our Story

What’s in a name? Our name embodies our shared vision for the kind of culture we want to see flourishing in our community.

While the name Paul belonged to Laura’s grandfather, the shop name is bigger than just him. Cousin Paul represents every man. Our cousins are some of our first friends in life. We don’t choose them, and often times they are very different from us, but we love them as part of our family. We would stand up and fight for them. We would help them in times of need.

As many of you understand, tattoos can be a powerfully transformative experience for the wearer. The shop name reminds us that we also have the power to transform our neighborhoods and our city by treating every person we encounter with Cousinly Love!

Our company culture encourages us all to treat our friends, family, co-workers, clients and neighbors with this same level of respect. We’re here because we want to create an environment in our daily lives in which this ideal is nurtured and can grow and spread to other creative arts in our neighborhood and city-wide.

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