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Meet Our Team

Laura Bonfanti

Artist & Owner

Laura Bonfanti, a tattooer, and the owner of CPTC, was born in St. Louis City and graduated from CVPA High School, class of 1991 where she majored in visual art, and minored in photography, creative writing and silversmithing. She began tattooing in 1996 when she realized she could take her interests in visual art, cultural anthropology, healing arts, and body adornment and combine them into work as a tattooer. Her career began under the apprenticeship of R. Hammer Madison and ‘Tatu’ Tony DiPietro. near Daytona, FL. It was here that she earned the nickname “BoraBoraLaura”.

When she moved back to St. Louis in 2010, she knew she wanted to be back home on the South Side for good. She is excited to welcome you to her studio in lovely SOHA. Her diversity of experience with many different, talented artists and varied clientele during her travels over the years have helped her hone her skills in a variety of styles and techniques. Custom work only, and no stand alone lettering with the except of traditional flash. Laura is focused on neo-traditional, both black and gray and color, black and gray ornamental, fineline/textural black and grey, neo-Japanese themes, and larger projects in general.

Mills S. (aka Needlegardens)

Tattoo Artist

Mills hails from St. Louis and feels privileged to also have earned their BFA from Maryville University, which included an impactful study abroad program in Italy that has influenced much of their art. As a trans, non-binary artist, they strive to create safe spaces for their clients and to be both accessible and approachable. Mills is currently focused in the ignorant style of tattooing – mostly linework pieces with a rebellious, tongue-in-cheek vibe. Check out Mills’ Instagram (@needlegardens) for available flash designs or contact them for a custom piece that suits your sense of humor.

Melissa Scherrer

Tattoo Artist

Melissa began her apprenticeship under the guidance of Laura Bonfanti in the spring of 2021 and has been tattooing since June 2021. Melissa was born and raised in St. Louis and has dreamt of becoming a tattoo artist for over a decade. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Art History from Arizona State University in 2020, and decided to pursue her dream of becoming a tattoo artist after graduation.

Melissa is inspired by botanical illustrations, animals (especially cats), ukiyo-e, Studio Ghibli, surrealism and abstraction. Melissa enjoys tattooing whimsical and colorful designs as well as fineline illustrative blackwork, and welcomes other styles of tattooing so that she can grow as an artist. Follow Melissa on Instagram @honeybee.tattoos to stay updated on available flash and current work.

Amanda Pepper

Tattoo Artist

Amanda is a multimedia artist. She enjoys painting, illustration, tattooing, and graphic design. Her tattoo work is colorful, soft, and semi-realistic, usually depicting plants or animals. She loves doing pet portrait illustration and abstract intuitive painting.

Amanda finds her inspiration in nature, as well as concepts of spirituality, dreams, energy, folklore and philosophy, healing and wellness. She also likes working with symbolism and bright color.

In recent years, Amanda pursued interest in the healing arts to receive training as an advanced Reiki practitioner. Her current area of focus is integrating trauma-informed principles into her life and work.

She is passionate about her purpose as an artist to connect the client with an image, whether it be on paper, skin, pixel, or canvas.

To contact Amanda, for more information, or to sign up for her newsletter, visit Amanda’s website at bemycanvas.com.

Gina Carr

Tattoo Artist

Gina started tattooing in 2018 but has been an artist as soon as she was old enough to smear paint on paper. Born and raised in St. Louis, she is beyond grateful to be able to tattoo in the city that she loves. She believes art can create transcendental moments of connection and excitement in ways that little else can, and tries to honor that in her work every day. She enjoys tattooing fine line black and grey pieces with pointillism or hatching. When she uses in color, she tends towards bold, neotraditional looks. She is inspired by scientific illustrations, queer romance, the human figure, lyrics, and the cycle of life & death.

When Gina isn’t drawing, you can find her traveling, dancing in the audience anywhere from a local bar to a stadium concert (especially if it’s Harry Styles or any former member of One Direction performing), or meandering around the neighborhood on a walk with her hairless cat, Banjo. Follow her on Instagram @damnginastl.

Avacyn Olivier

Tattoo Artist

Jo Hunter

Tattoo Artist

Well versed in cat whispering and collector of shiny objects, Jo Hunter was born and raised in St. Louis with a creative mind and an eye for whimsical art. When not collecting cool rocks or inspecting their fiddle leaf fig for mealy bugs, they can be found tattooing and drawing up the next custom piece on their list. Jo prides themselves in creating an inclusive and safe space for all people, whether it is your first tattoo or hundredth, and feels that the art of tattooing should be accessible to all. Gathering inspiration from nature, fantasy novels, the occult, and images of tiny frogs with hats, Jo specializes in black and grey illustrative, with the occasional pop of of color (typically red or green).

Jo is always dropping new flash via their Instagram and is taking inquiries for custom tattoos via their custom Google form. Jo’s books are always open!

Rae Null

Tattoo Artist

Rae is a vibrant tattoo wizarding elf celebrated for their exceptional skill in color work and mixing of styles. With a passion for spreading joy and creating a safe haven of positive energy, Rae’s chair is more than just a place for ink- it’s a sanctuary! Beyond the world of tattooing, She finds solace in all things nerdy, from immersive table top adventures in dungeons and dragons to diving into video games, anime, and indulging in horror movies (all of which are favorites to tattoo). Juggling the responsibilities of homeschooling 5 children, Rae’s dedication to their craft never falters. With a foundation from UMSL’s art program, Rae’s journey has seen a transition from owning an art business to becoming a sought after tattoo artist with her work garnering viral attention on social media. Outside the studio Rae can be found surrounded by her fantastic children or lost in the pages of favorite books, with a special affinity for twilight! With each tattoo, Rae not only brings vibrant colors to life but also a touch of magic, leaving an undeniable mark with those who sit in their chair.

Loves to tattoo: Mash ups Anime/video games/pop culture Book stacks Horror and creepy Whimsical scenes Mythical creatures Off the wall ideas Frames

Style preferences: Color with high contrasts Stipple shading with fine linework Mixed styles! I.e. black and grey with pops of color or realism with pops of cartoon etc.