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Rae Null

Tattoo Artist

Rae is a vibrant tattoo wizarding elf celebrated for their exceptional skill in color work and mixing of styles. With a passion for spreading joy and creating a safe haven of positive energy, Rae’s chair is more than just a place for ink- it’s a sanctuary! Beyond the world of tattooing, She finds solace in all things nerdy, from immersive table top adventures in dungeons and dragons to diving into video games, anime, and indulging in horror movies (all of which are favorites to tattoo). Juggling the responsibilities of homeschooling 5 children, Rae’s dedication to their craft never falters. With a foundation from UMSL’s art program, Rae’s journey has seen a transition from owning an art business to becoming a sought after tattoo artist with her work garnering viral attention on social media. Outside the studio Rae can be found surrounded by her fantastic children or lost in the pages of favorite books, with a special affinity for twilight! With each tattoo, Rae not only brings vibrant colors to life but also a touch of magic, leaving an undeniable mark with those who sit in their chair.

Loves to tattoo: Mash ups Anime/video games/pop culture Book stacks Horror and creepy Whimsical scenes Mythical creatures Off the wall ideas Frames

Style preferences: Color with high contrasts Stipple shading with fine linework Mixed styles! I.e. black and grey with pops of color or realism with pops of cartoon etc.