4530 Hampton Ave, St. Louis MO 63109 (314) 875-9075 cousinpaulstattoo@gmail.com

Gina Carr

Tattoo Artist

Gina started tattooing in 2018 but has been an artist as soon as she was old enough to smear paint on paper. Born and raised in St. Louis, she is beyond grateful to be able to tattoo in the city that she loves. She believes art can create transcendental moments of connection and excitement in ways that little else can, and tries to honor that in her work every day. She enjoys tattooing fine line black and grey pieces with pointillism or hatching. When she uses in color, she tends towards bold, neotraditional looks. She is inspired by scientific illustrations, queer romance, the human figure, lyrics, and the cycle of life & death.

When Gina isn’t drawing, you can find her traveling, dancing in the audience anywhere from a local bar to a stadium concert (especially if it’s Harry Styles or any former member of One Direction performing), or meandering around the neighborhood on a walk with her hairless cat, Banjo. Follow her on Instagram @damnginastl.


Instagram: damnginastl